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Our Director

The director of CMD is Andrew Peters, a church planter, blogger, father, and designer. He leads Summit Community Church with his wife Nikki. Together, they have an awesome adopted son, Jaxon, and a gorgeous little girl named Sophie.

The Story

CMD began to form when I was 'handed' our church website as an associate pastor. After seeing how clunky it was, how difficult it was for volunteers to manage, and how the design could be much better I set out on a journey.

This journey was to make a church website that was beautifully designed, easy for volunteers to learn quickly and manage, well built, super fast, and covered everything we needed as a church. When I finished my thought was 'people are loving the new site. I bet there are tons more churches that need this kind of help!' Since then we have created dozens of custom websites and videos, even more logos, and literally thousands of graphics!