A Complete Site at an Affordable Price

Customizable themes for churches, completely pre-built
Just add your logos, colors, and content
$499 + $40 a month

Colors & Layouts

Easily change the colors, logos and layout of your site to make it yours and give it a custom look of its own with just a few clicks. 

Custom Feel

Our pre-built sites are built the exact same way as our custom sites. The only difference is you replace our colors, logos, and content with your own.

Ministry Focused

Many other 'themes' come with nothing built in and all the work is on you. We've built ministry focused pages in the site. 

Easy To Use

You don't need to know code or web design at all. Everything we create is built with simplicity in mind. Our drag and drop page builder is the easiest thing you'll use all day! 

No Coding

It's so well coded that you don't ever have to use any yourself! We're just as fanatical about well written code as we are about clean design and helping your church.

Instant Updates

We handle all the updates to the latest version of our products so you don't even have to worry about it. It's always optimized!

Tailored Design

The site is ready out of the box, but maybe you want to add a few things. Twitter feeds, sermons, small groups, campus menus. Whatever functionality you need, we got you!

Unlimited Pages

Even though we have ministry focused layouts already, we provide you with the tools to add as many pages as you need to showcase your ministries and what your church offers. 


Mobile is pretty much here to stay, so we make sure everything in our templates look great on both tablets and phones. 


We could talk all day about how awesome our pre-built sites are, the fact that they are built for church usage while still having unlimited pages and customizability for you, how easy they are for you to use yourselves, and how on point our support is. How about you just check out our pre-built sites here? 

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