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The Southeast District of Foursquare Churches underwent a re-branding when a new superintendent was chosen to lead the district. We were asked to help them build a custom site around that brand. It centers around a) a clean 'one page' concept with links taking you deeper into the site, b) stories being a big part of the site and c) multimedia playing a growing part in further development. 


What We Did

Custom Web Design & Development, Custom Graphics, Content Creation


The SED asked for a fully custom build that had a strong continuity throughout the whole site, that offered a very large amount of information without feeling overwhelming, that had the capability to make 'stories' one of the feature points,and that had the capacity for a growing multimedia presence to be prevalent.

The website is built from the ground up with special attention given to each of those areas. You can look at the site and immediately notice stories and you can tell there is a lot of information to be communicated without it being overbearing, yet still easy to navigate. 

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